QROPS – Important Legalities to Bear in Mind

Since the introduction of QROPS (Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme) an increasing number of people especially expatriates are considering it as an important aspect of their wealth management and retirement planning. Owing to the fact that the QROPS system is authorized by the HMRC, many people tend to overlook other factors that can bring serious consequences if they are not taken into consideration.
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Should You Take a Valuable Items Coverage?

Home insurance policies protect most things in your home. However, they don’t provide coverage for some items, especially expensive items that are stolen or damaged. For instance, for lost jewellery, the insurance covers £1000-1500. This limit helps keep homeowner’s policies affordable. That means, if your jewelry valued £3000 is stolen, and you have only a £1000 coverage, you’ll be compensated for jewelry worth £1000 from your insurer.

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