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Road Traffic Accidents

We are highly experienced with RTA claims, winning compensation for injury, damages and loss for our clients following a road traffic accident. We deal with MIB cases where the third party involved is either un-insured or has fled the scene without leaving any details, and even RTA work where fraud has been alleged (see below).


Has the defendant alleged fraud? Nesbit Law Group has developed an award winning solution to enable these fraud-alleged cases to continue, and in most cases proceed all the way to settlement. If your firm is unwilling to risk proceeding yourselves, then Nesbit Law Group may be able to provide a solution. So let us take the risk, whilst you sit back and reap the rewards.


We specialise in slip/trip cases, also known as public liability claims. These are compensation claims for injuries sustained in a public place or on public transport, where a person has been injured as a result of the negligence of another person or company. Often an individual has suffered injury due to a fall. Call us today on 0161 375 1810 for more information.


We specialise in claims involving accidents at work (also known as Employers' Liability claims).

These claims involve injuries sustained by individuals whilst carrying out an activity as part of their job.  An employer has a duty to provide an employee with a safe place to work.  However, accidents that could have been prevented still occur. 


The decision to move a loved one into a care home is never an easy one. Whether respite care or full-time residential care is needed, you hope and expect the care provided will be the best possible Unfortunately care-needs are often high, especially if the individual has Alzheimer's disease, dementia or similar, and problems sometimes arise. Pressure sores and injuries as a result of falls are common complaints.


We have a dedicated department for industrial disease work (also known as occupational disease), to enable workers to claim compensation for a huge range of diseases and illnesses caused by their workplace, from Asbestosis and Mesothelioma, to Vibration White Finger and Industrial Deafness and many more.


If you have been a victim of a criminal attack and you have reported the matter to the police we can assist you in completing the required forms, walking you through the procedure, and managing your claim against the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board.